Girlpower… uhm… Powergirl

Yes, I love her. I am a man, I am heterosexual (mostly) and I like boobs! So Powergirl definitly is one of my favorite DC heroines. Well… let us say WAS!

The first time I noticed her was in the DC Animated Movie „Superman/Batman: Public Enemies“ where she acted quite girly. She was a bit shy, careful, humble but with a certain power. I didn‘t know who Powergirl was. I guessed that she was some sort of parallel Earth version of Supergirl (which she is in fact). Next I met her in the 2006 comic event „Infinite Crisis“ that put her in a main role. She had certain identity problems due to the mix up of the universes (she is from Earth-2, remember?). Well, and here we have a Powergirl that is a little shy, unsure, humble but with a certain power… guess we had that. I liked Powergirl very much. She was not the average female version of a male hero but some sort of a character of her own.

But I hadn‘t read any of her solo-comics. And I heard that there was an excellent 12 books run from 2009 that also was recommended in a comic book podcast. So I checked some issues… well suddenly there is a different Powergirl. She is strong, proud, self-centered, to sum it up she is always beating up men’s asses. She always feels underestimated, male characters treat her like shit. And basically I don‘t like that character of hers. Not because I am macho or cause I like weak girls (the opposite is true). But everytime she is shown in situations where she gets treated like a weak woman, it feels like a constructed situation:


Especially in her first fight against Ultra-Humanite (a human mastermind who transplanted his brain into the body of a white gorilla) he always mentions that she is only a weak woman and keeps underestimating her. She always mentions and prooves that she has been underestimated and of course wins the situation. And of course in the end she is still this helping and understanding woman that still wants to give Ultra-Humanite medical help even though he had treated her bad. YAWN!!!!

I don‘t know much about feminism, I just treat women the way they‘ve deserved it. And when they act like assholes, I let them know! Just as I would do it with a guy! I dunno if the Powergirl comics are more popular among the female readership. But why do women always need strong female role models? It’s just the same as it was with Batgirl or Barbara Gordon aka Oracle. Both Oracle and Powergirl seem to stand tall as one of a few female characters among hundreds of male superheroes. Just take Supergirl’s first appearance in the… um.. 60ies as an example. Of course the image of women was MUCH different back then. But something from that time still has survived. So female „sidekicks“ or versions of male superheroes (Superman and Supergirl, Batman and Batgirl, Captain Marvel and Mary Marvel, even Spider-Man and Spider-Woman, to let some MARVEL heroes be part of my theory) often are shown weaker, less strategic, bit more mindless, impulsive… younger in the end! The same counts for the male counterparts of sidekicks, too. Just take this young version of Flash we had in the 1990ies. He was impulsive… I mean, his name even was Impulse!

Well… And suddenly female heroes started to become those hard characters. And of course they have to be strong and in the end really masculine. I mean, Powergirl before all other female superheroes provide a certain sex-appeal. Her big breasts actually play a role in the comics and she knows how to use the weapons of a woman! So at the end of the day… hmm… let me say it frankly: she is a bitch! She always has to proove herself to the male characters in her surrounding, she always gets confronted with situations of disrespect and macho-behavior and all she does is trying to make men small. This is an image of a woman I don‘t like. Of course women earn respect, the same salary as men, the same rights, the same chances, the same same same same same… come on we don‘t have to talk about that because it comes natural. But after all it is Powergirl to treat men like shit because she starts playing with them. In normal life she is a CEO of a large company (of course she is also successful in her profession) and plays with her female appeal. BOOBS! So basically she uses the male weakness of sexual attraction to play with them. That makes her any better than the men that treat her like meat. I call that even and everything that’s left in this comics is superhero fighting!!!!

During the reboot of the DC universe we will also see a new version of Powergirl. I‘m not quite sure if there are two different version, one for Earth-1 and Earth-2 each. I only know that she appears in „Worlds‘ Finest“ together with Huntress. I‘m gonna do some research on that and write about it later. Maybe after I‘ve read the comic which are released in about 2 weeks :D

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