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I promise I will write about other topics than comics again soon! And enough for DC here is a MARVEL topic: Spider-Woman. One of the comic characters with some mystery to her. Well. I first saw Spider-Woman in the Iron Man TV cartoon series. I never thought her to be like the female version of Spider-Man. Basically I didn‘t know much about the supporting characters in Iron Man. As far as I remember they are the Avengers to that time but I might be wrong. Hawkeye also appeared there regularly. SO I guess they were the Avengers. But whatever. Like a year or two ago I was reading my monthly Spider-Man comic book (Amazing Spider-Man #648). And my brother took a look over my shoulder to check what I was doing. He doesn‘t know much about comics, he only knows the movies. He was able to recognize some of the characters though but finally pointed to Spider-Woman. He was like „Who is this?“ I answered „Spider-Woman!“ He looked at me and asked „Why does she fly?“ And I was like „I dunno!“

I had to ask myself… Why can Spider-Woman fly? And in the picture she was not moving through the air, she hovered in mid-air right beside Iron Man. Well, her powers are not quite like Spider-Man’s, of course she can climb walls but she can‘t shoot web out of her hands. She is more like Poison Ivy. And there is no special explaination why she is able to fly. The main reason why she was created in first place was that Stan Lee was worried that DC could come up with a character named Spider-Woman before MARVEL:

I suddenly realized that some other company may quickly put out a book like that and claim they have the right to use the name, and I thought we‘d better do it real fast to copyright the name. So we just batted one quickly, and that’s exactly what happened. I wanted to protect the name, because it’s the type of thing [where] someone else might say, ‚Hey, why don‘t we put out a Spider-Woman; they can‘t stop us.‘ … You know, years ago we brought out Wonder Man, and [DC Comics] sued us because they had Wonder Woman, and … I said okay, I‘ll discontinue Wonder Man. And all of a sudden they‘ve got Power Girl [after Marvel had introduced Power Man]. Oh, boy. How unfair.

So basically that is all why there is a female version of Spider-Man. She had her own TV show which I have on DVD. Well, and that’s it. She still is a part of the Avengers till today. But actually she is not playing an important role anymore. I guess she’s only there to fill the roster of female characters. I don‘t even think she is related to Peter Parker in any way. So basically Spider-Woman is the perfect example of a useless female version of a male superhero. Just as I said in my post about Power Girl. *sigh*

I was bored yesterday and this came out :D

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