Gay Lantern

DC introduced a gay character. Speculations were around the internet for about a time and I didn‘t know enough to actually take part in this. As far as I understood the few things I heard about this, DC said that an „iconic character“ will be revealed as gay (as in homosexual) during June, and that this character has still not appeared in the New 52. One theory said that Alan Scott (the Golden Age Green Lantern) could be the one. Well he appeared briefly in Earth 2 #1 (almost as shown in the post-related pic, I only slightly modified it) so I thought maybe it would not be him in the end. It is, though!

I don‘t care if any of the characters in my comics is homosexual. I don‘t even care if they are straight. I admit I like the art of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy in the comics from the 1990ies. That’s a men-thing, men like lesbians making up. But that’s far away from a personal sexual orientation thing. Let me put it down like this: it should be unimportant if somebody prefers men or women. And announcing to introduce a gay character is like putting the sexual orientation into the center point of interest. It is like: look, this guy is gay! It would be easier if DC would just put a GIANT arrow pointing on the character (whoever it will be in the end) saying „GAY“ all the time. Cause I don‘t think that they will come around with a decent story around his relationship.

Can you at least name one gay MARVEL character? No? But there are some! For example Hulkling and Wiccan are a couple! There are some more, I don‘t remember atm. Why can‘t you not name any gay MARVELs? Because they don‘t have that giant arrow! The sexual orientation does not matter for a superhero. Even though MARVEL takes a much bigger look into the private life of all their heroes, sexuality does not really appear. OK, I admit we saw Spider-Man after sex with Black Cat several times. But that counts for DC, too! Seeing Black Canary dressing up for fighty-fighty in Final Crisis and Green Arrow still laying in bed only wearing his trunks in the same picture somewhat disturbed me. I bet you, they won‘t show any scenes like that with gay characters. So why even have them?

Check out the news at Newsarama. GAYERONI

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