My Little Filly

Actually I wanted to post a gigantic article about My Little Pony. But I mean, everybody has to check out this show by himself. So I won‘t talk about MLP here! Well, I am looking for MLP toys for some time and it is quite hard to get some in my hometown. But you can easily get the German rip-off called Filly! The other day I was in one of the most traditional toy shops in my town and when I asked the clerk about My Little Pony, she was like „What’s that?“ I just grabbed a random Filly thing from the counter and said „Something like this from Hasbro!“ She told me they only had Filly, I hated her, and my pal and me left the shop. I saw Rainbow Dash and Princess Celestia toys the other day but RD had giant butterfly wings and Celestia was way too expensive. So yesterday night when I was in the supermarket I just grabbed into the box of Filly-blindbags. They were only 1.99 and I was curious what was so special about them. The store was quite full, yesterday Germany had their first football match in the European Championship and it was halftime when I was there. So I sneaked around this box. Not because I was afraid that somebody who knew me would see that I was about to buy a girls-toy, I didn‘t want to let anybody see how I buy a Filly.

When I had left the store I looked around me. When I knew I was alone I opened the bag. The first thing I noticed was a terrible smell. The figure smelled awfully like chemicals. I took out the figure and was confused. I couldn‘t find it in the list that was printed on the backside of the bag. Than I noticed that the figure looked somewhat special. And suddenly I realized that I drew the rarest of this figures. Princess Jewel. I checked the description that also was in the blindbag. It said Princess Jewel had a moodstone in her crown. Actually those stones work through the change of temperatures. Anyways, she also had 3 extra Swarovski Elements. You must know Swarovski stones are made of glass that is grinded like diamonds. And the figure still had this awful chemical smell.

I checked the other 20 figures. And even though you can get Filly-products much easier than My Little Pony stuff, they suck so terribly! First of all, every Filly-Pony wears a crown. No matter if they live in the forest or in the village. There are even male Fillies. But in fact they just look like the female ones. They only have male names like Florian, Xander and Adolf Hitler! You see, I don‘t really like Filly.

I hope Hasbro releases more MLP-toys in Germany soon. „When I was a littly filly and the sun was going dooooown… na na na“ huh?

DON‘T follow the little stinking FILLY!!!

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