Lobo-Bo Bo-Bobobo

Well (I did it again, I started a post with well), Lobo is one of my most favorite comic book characters. Ever since I saw him in the Superman Animated TV series like back in the 1990ies I really love this guy. He is a hero, and he is not! He is funny, and he is an intergalactic asshole! He is just doing his job even if what he is doing might not be really nice! He is immortal, can‘t be killed by anything, even Superman can‘t. He has a healing factor faster than Wolverine from MARVEL’s X-Men. He is a bounty hunter. Normally he doesn‘t know what to do with his time and money so he is just drinking booze, killing people or (frankly) having sex! Lobo comics are really violent and normally a Lobo is adult material. And Lobo always is a lot of fun! When I talked about the New 52 the other day here on the blog, I mentioned I was still missing Lobo. Some days later in the Comic Planet I grabbed the PREVIEW catalogue and checked what was coming up in the USA in the next months. And I saw something really surprising: Deathstroke #10. And I was sooooo excited about that because it has Lobo on the cover. But then I read the book…

Deathstroke #10 and #11 are a total cheek. First of all Deathstroke is written AND drawn by Rob Liefeld. Let me say it like this. Liefeld sucks! Reading a comic only drawn by Liefield already hurts, but this one is also written by him. He had his own ongoing series called Hawk and Dove in the New 52 which was cancelled after 8 issues. And I checked #8 and it really hurt! Actually I would be happy if I was able to draw at least half as good as Liefeld, but that is not the point. I am a consumer and comics have to appeal to me. And ever since I started giving a duck about who is drawing and writing a comic book, I noticed Rob Liefeld. When I talked about Liefeld with my mother, she even remembered this big guys with this teeny weeny hands holding a small gun. Coming back to Lobo: He is the most kick-ass DC character I can think of. He once even was hired by the Easterbunny to kill Santa and eventually did so! (Paramilitary Christmas Special) The 4,245th retconned first encounter of Lobo and Superman, simply awesome. He was hired by alien invaders to kill Superman so that they could steal Earth’s water. I don‘t wanna spoiler too much, but in the end Lobo pisses into the stolen water making it unusable after Superman (like in every crossover they work together in the end!) and he finally got rid of the invaders. Totally funny! Lobo comics always were special for their merciless way to show violence in this very over-the-top way. It’s almost comically. I mean he ducking killed Santa in a really mean way… and it was so absurd that it actually was fun.

Here you have Liefeld’s Lobo from issue 11:

And Liefeld’s Lobo? He is a faceless, badly drawn boy… erm… no, that was this depressed British singer… badly drawn character. Liefeld’s Lobo has any details on him. No special armory or clothes, no weapons, even „his“ motocycle is drawn really awful. He is wearing only a tank shirt, some pads around his neck (which Liefeld is famous for) pants and low detailed shoes. In fact we can be happy that Liefeld was able to draw feet at all. He also is famous for not being able to draw feet. Compare the cover artworks on the top of the post with the picture above. Even Lobo’s beard is drawn inconsistently! In the end of issue 10 we see that Lobo has killed two guards and even ripped one of them into two halfs. But we don‘t see him doing this. DC rated this comic T+ (Teens Plus) that means suitable for readers from let’s say 15 years up. Rating it with M for mature and showing some more violence (which Liefeld at least is capable of showing) would have been more suitable for Lobo.

And here are some examples for good versions of Lobo:
1) A Contract On Gawd #1 (1994) art by K. Dwyer, K. Janson and D. Giordano
2) Lobo #1,000,000 (1998) art by G. Luzniak and M. Probst
3) JLA/Avengers #1 (2003) art by G. Pérez

Liefeld is not able to transport this character in any way. I dunno why DC actually puts him in charge of a series and then even letting him draw it. It needs a Keith Giffen and an Alan Grant to really present Lobo. Giving him to Liefeld was not the only mistake DC had made regarding the New 52… basically Rob Liefeld is the mistake. For the very first time I am personally offended by Liefeld’s work, before that it was cool to see his flawfully stuff and make fun of it. But I am tired of that. Please Rob Liefeld, stop making comics. Or release your own stuff back at Image Comics but please Mr. Liefeld, stop ruining my favorite characters :(


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