I Can Count to Superman

By the way, DC has relaunched/rebooted/rererererererered their comic universe. And since I finally finished Flashpoint (I‘ve read the German issues and the third issue arrived me like 3 months too late, because of reasons, so I couldn‘t read issues 3 – 5 till like two weeks ago) and I finally know what happened to create the New 52 universe. Well, I KNOW what happened, but I don‘t UNDERSTAND it. Hah, something about three divided timelines, which would explain the different story arc universes. And the hooded woman from the end of Flashpoint actually appears in all 52 #1 issues which blew my mind when I finally found her sitting in a corner in the first issue of Justice League. But I want to talk about Superman. Superman… the most boring superhero ever!

I want to call him a relic! Superman sort of started the whole superhero thing back in the beginning of the 20th century. And basically he didn‘t change much throughout all the years after his first appearence. The S-shield changed its design a bit, but after all Superman always looked pretty much the same all the time. After he died and came back mid of the 1990ies he grew longer hair and looked like a yuppie. And then they wanted to modernise him in the end of the 1990ies and changed him into the Electric Superman. Then splitted him into 2 different Electric Supermen eventually: Superman Red and Superman Blue. But the DCs seemed to notice that that was not a good idea. Superman fans do not like, almost hate Electric Superman. But they finally tried to make Superman a bit more interesting. And to that time I wondered why Superman still looked normal in the TV shows. I think Electric Superman never made it into animation. But after that they never touched the Earth-1 Superman again. There were alternate versions from alternate Earths but the classic Superman always was there. They changed Wonder Woman and made her look more casual for a short time and even Batman’s costume was changed from time to make him look like the latest movie versions. But Superman again stayed untouched.

When DC rebooted/relaunched/remorphorized their comic universe last year they actually modernised all the heroes. Every hero? No, every hero except for the Flash. But even Superman was redesigned/redoodled. And not only in details like most of other JLA members. DC changed major things, the most important thing was that he is no longer wearing his underwear on the outside. He just has a belt. But his pants still sort of look like he is wearing panties. But there where they belong. Underwear is called underwear because you wear them under the rest. But then I noticed that they not only changed the look in the main comic universes but also in all other important franchise dealing with the Superman-matter. The alternate version of Superman shown in Earth 2 #1 also don‘t wears outerwear. Season 11 of Smallville which is released in comic book form also shows Superman in the new underwear-where-it-belongs-look. Aaaaaand most important: The new movie Man of Steel will also feature the new trunkless-styling.

Why does it take DC like 80 years to redesign/reflubberubber Superman? Why did they keep him in this classic and boring way he was all the time? Because fans wanted him to look like that. Comic readers don‘t like changes. Comic readers are used to that things change really slowly, if they change at all. How long did Peter Parker go to Highschool? How long did he go to College? How long did it take him to pass his job as a photographer and start his job at Horizon Labs? And Clark Kent still is a reporter (OK he once was a news anchor man).

I have a reasonable fear. I am afraid that DC only uses the New 52 to drag new readers to their products and after like 3 to 4 years they go back to the classic stuff. Going back to the outside underwear Superman would be the biggest mistake DC could possibly make. And knowing the history of DC I can actually imagine that they may will return to the classic looks of their heroes and story. By changing Superman to this really modern look DC actually showed some balls. And I hope they will keep him that way. Maybe one day he will no longer be the most boring superhero ever.

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