My Little Pony – Season 3 Bingo

Season 3 of MLP is coming very very soon. So everybody in the Brony community wonders what will come up in season 3. Can the guys at The Hub still surprise us? I don‘t know. I‘m not really good in having good ideas for TV shows. Somebody else made a picture that shows 25 ideas how MLP could continue. Unfortunatly I can‘t credit the artist, I found this pic on 4chan and there is no signature on it. I wanna pick all ideas one by one and talk about my own ideas and how likely I think they are. We start in the first row and make our way down from left to right. So here is the (*insert drumroll*) MLP SEASON 3 BINGO

01) Another Luna Episode
I DUNNO! I don‘t like Luna very much. Luna Eclipsed was a merely mediocre episode and basically I don‘t need another episode featuring her. But I will come back to Luna later on.

02) Scootaloo Episode
UNSURE! And another character I am not really fond of. The Cutie Mark Crusaders in general piss me off. When I watched the show for the first time I skipped most of their episodes. Additionally Scootaloo works best in combination with the other 3 fillies. She has no family relation to the Mane 6 in any way so it will be hard to show a personal problem. And to create one you would have to introduce her family first (another thing I will come to later on).

03) An Antagonist Returns
YES! In the picture we see Trixie. Her episode Boast Busters actually was the episode that dragged me into the show completly. I would love another episode with her and Twilight Sparkle together. They could be stuck in a dangerous situation and Trixie could be forced to use her own magic to help Twilight.

04) More Pony Parents
YES! We already saw Twilight’s and Shining Armor’s, Rarity’s and also Pinkie Pie’s parents. But it would be nice to learn about the families of the other members of the Mane 6. Especially Applejack. I mean, she is living on the farm with her sister, brother and grandma, so where are her parents? What happend? They are never mentioned. (I will come back to that later on ;) ) Also we might learn a bit about Scootaloo’s family.

05) A Villain Returns
SO DUCKING YES! I wanna see Discord again. And I would so love another appearance of Arizono, the villain from the Daring Do books in Read It And Weep! But I will come back to that later on also!!!

06) Visit To A New City
YES! I would be nice to see the Mane 6 in for example Fillydelphia or Manehatten. Spike or any of the pets (espcially Tank who never is mentioned after May The Best Pet Win) could get lost and they have to find one of them. Nothing else to say about this one :D

07) Learn More About The Elements
I DUNNO! The Helements of Armory… there is nothing more to know about them. They could be used more often though. We basically had two episodes in both seasons dealing with the elements. The elements also mean that there is a big villain they have to be used against. So that combines with point 5.

08) Starswirl Is Shown
YES! Starswirl the Bearded is Twilight’s big idol. I would love an episode where she finds out that Starswirl actually was/is a total moron and all her motives get put in question. In the end she learns that only what she truley believes in her own heart matters! Pretty nice concept, just came up with that in the moment I wrote this paragraph! Well done MM!!!

09) Celestia Or Luna Sing
MEH! Not really!

10) Relationship Explored Again
UNSURE! This picture referes to Spike and Rarity. I guess they had their big moments in Secret Of My Excess. I think Rarity knows what Spike feels for her. So maybe they can be shown dating or spending time together.

11) Learn More About Equestria
Just an idea: There is much Brony music out there. One artist called Princess Addictia used a voice sample in one of his/her songs. It sounds like a crippled transmission from a war zone. The voice talks about Zebras attacking and killing Ponies. What if the fear for Zecora in Bridle Gossip was actually meant in a racist way? Like the French that don‘t really like us Germans because of what happened during WWII. I mean, maybe Twilight was only joking in It’s About Time when she asks her future self about an Epic Pony War. But maybe something like that has actually happened in the history of Equestria. At the end of the day it is just a kids‘ show though. So it is really unlikely that we see something like that in MLP!

12) Royal Couple Is Mentioned
YES! And basically we already know that this will happen. During this year’s SDCC The Hub released two songs, one dealing with the so called laser… erm… no, the so called Crystal Kingdom. In this song the Ponies mention that they need to help Princess Cadence! So we will see not only the Royal Couple William and Kate… damn.. again… Shining Armor and Princess Cadence but also a whole new kingdom!

13) Free Hugs

14) Another Sapient Race Is Shown
YES! This pictures shows a giraffe. I guess, you will surely shoot me for that but I WANNA SEE THE SEAPONIES IN FIM!!! Gosh, I‘ll never forget this damn Seaponies Song! NEVER! And I don‘t wanna suffer alone, so here it is :D

15) Learn More About That Faithful Night
YES! Nothing more to say. Here is a picture by an artist named Ziom or so (that is what I can read from the signature) which shows what might have happened when Luna got arrested. Discord may have been involved. And the metal plate on the butt of the armored Pony looks like Celestia’s cutie mark. And here is Ziom on Deviantart: ZIOMARONI

16) More Royalty Is Shown
YES! Just imagine the Seaponies actually appear in MLP:FIM they have to have a princess or a king or whatever. I also wanna see more male royalty and less female. Following the concept of the show the male royalty could be evil or so. I don‘t like how the show deals with male characters but that is another topic.

17) More (Well Used) Product Placement
WE ALREADY HAVE THAT! This is a show inspired by and produced to sell toys.

18) Applejack Gets Her Own Song
YES! Combined with the idea of her parents been shown that could actually happen.

19) Learn More About The Everfree Forest
YES! The Everfree Forest is a mysterious place. The Poison Joke plants featured in Bridle Gossip already show that. So there is a lot of potential for weird beings and creatures!

20) Female Dragon Is Shown
UNSURE! Here is the perfect moment to talk about the role of male characters in MLP:FIM. They are either dumb (Snips and Snails), slow (Big Macintosh) or evil (Discord, all the other dragons, the Diamond Dogs)! Or they have the role of a big (Shining Armor) or little brother (in some way Spike). There are only a few female characters that break out of the concept. I forgot the name of her but the Griffon that is a good friend of Rainbow Dash is the only example I can think of! So a female dragon would automatically be an ambivalent character. Neither evil nor good, something in between.

21) Rainbow Dash Tries Out For The Wonder Bolts
YES! And in the end of this episode she has to decide whether she wants to join the team or if she wants to stay with her friends. And of course she decides to stay in Ponyville and everybody goes like AAAAAAWWWWWWWWW! THIS WILL HAPPEN!!!

22) Tartarus Is Shown
YES! There were only a few monsters from myths and legends so far. So we defintely need more of that! That works pretty well in MLP. The Cerberus shown in the picture from It’s About Time or the Hydra in Feeling Pinkie Keen prove that a monster can be designed in a fearsom but also funny way. I only had a problem with the Ursa Major in the end of Boast Busters. It looked really creepy and actually shocked me a bit. It reminded me of the moments I had in my childhood while I watched cartoons that were not suitable for my age. I had the same little stitch in my stomach. Not that I was frightened by Ursa Major, but Ursa Minor looked somewhat cute and then you have that weird looking ugly monster shown in full scale. Unfortunatly I am not able to check how this scene works with kids from the main target group.

23) Serious Lesson
YES! Here we see Fluttershy from Hurricane Fluttershy. Seeing her crying that hard actually teared my heart apart. Yes, I am no heartless brick! But I wanna come back to Applejack again. The serious lesson I talk about is her losing her parents and that she has to care for herself and her family. I think they could do that! I TOTALLY SEE THAT COMING UP!!!

24) More Holiday Episodes
YES! We already had Winter Wrap Up Day (beginning of spring), Fall Weather Friends (beginning of winter), Hearts and Hooves Day (Valentines Day) and Nightmare Night (Halloween). I wanna see Unborn Chicken Killing Day (Eastern), Buy Your Best Mare Friend Shitty Stuff Day (X-Mas), When I See You Every Day In The Next Week Again I Will Shoot You (Hanuka)… OK I‘m kidding. There have to be Pony versions of the biggest Christian, Jewish or Muslim traditions like Eastern, X-Mas, Hanuka, Ramadan and of course some industrial made ones like Mother’s Day. Maybe they can also make some up. Like a memorial day for Starswirl the Bearded. Combine that with number 8 ;)

25) Adventure Outside Equestria
SO DEFINITLY YES! And here we go. I already mentioned Arizono, the villain from the Daring Do books. What if the Ponies discover that Daring Do is real? She walks into Ponyville totally exhausted, eventually fainting and then asking for help. Princess Celestia appears, equippes the Mane 6 with the Elements of Harmony and sents them and Daring Do away to a South American like continent. There Arizono has stolen a magical artifact (maybe the 2 headed jackal statue shown in Read it and Weep) and they have to fight against him. There are plans for a full length animated movie of MLP. Maybe this could be a story for it. Anyways, I wanna see Arizono and Daring Do again!


This are only thoughts inspired by this Bingo card. But here we have 25 ideas. You can take almost each of them and make them into an episode. And we‘re done with season 3. And dear Hasbro, if you wanna use any of my ideas I can mail you my bank account data :D

Follow the little 25 IDEAS!!!

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