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My Little Pony – Season 3 Bingo

Season 3 of MLP is coming very very soon. So everybody in the Brony community wonders what will come up in season 3. Can the guys at The Hub still surprise us? I don‘t know. I‘m not really good in having good ideas for TV shows. Somebody else made a picture that shows 25 ideas how MLP could continue. Unfortunatly I can‘t credit the artist, I found this pic on 4chan and there is no signature on it. I wanna pick all ideas one by one and talk about my own ideas and how likely I think they are. We start in the first row and make our way down from left to right. So here is the (*insert drumroll*) MLP SEASON 3 BINGO (read on…)


OK, here is another mindblower for you. Maybe you still remember the two classic cartoon shows The Flintstones and The Jetsons. If not: bad dog! Just a short explaination: The Flintstones was an animated TV-sitcom that first appeared in the late 1950ies and its first installment ran for about 6 years or so. It shows stoneage people that has hardly any technology. Everything is done by using dinosaurs and prehistoric birds and mammals. Basically we see animals that never actually were around together in the same time period. But it is just a cartoon show after all. The society shown in this show is more like the American society from the mids 20th centuary, though. The Jetsons on the other hand are the exact opposite to that. The show takes place in the far future. People are living in cities above the clouds, have flying cars, jetpacks, robots and whatever you can think of. Actually The Jetsons is a nice example of the socalled retro futurism. Because again, the show portrays American society from the mid 20th centuary. (read on…)


WARNING: If you are not or have never been a fan of Pokémon, reading on is futile. If Pokémon was a big part of your childhood, be aware of being MINDFUCKED! Level of mind-blowingness: Brain goes supernova!!!

It all started with a podcast. A special episode of my favorite videogame podcast, Pixelburg (Pixelcastle). The Pixelburg’s a bunch of kids (20 + years old) who are writing, podcasting and making internet shows about videogames. The latest podcast episode deals with the Pokémon franchise. They actually talked for 5 hours about Pokémon!!! Pokémon was an important game for me. It changed the way I consumed videogames. The game forced us kids to connect with each other to trade Pokémon and fight via the link cable. And I really spent a lot of time with reading about the Pokémon universe and being a part of the German fan online-community (which still exists). Of course, in the end of the day, it is just a videogame franchise supported by merchandising, a TV show and big feature movies. But there are some weird things that I already noticed a long time ago. (read on…)

My Top 10 My Little Pony Episodes

Hey OK, I said I wouldn‘t talk about MLP here but I can‘t leave this matter uncommented. So instead of talking about how I discovered the show and what is on my mind about the whole Brony-culture, I put down my Top 10 episodes of both seasons. I also wrote down what is so special about every of them and why I like them. This is my personal Top 10, when you have another opinion, I‘d like to read it in the comments. And I am making my way up from #10 to #01 to make it more thrilling for you to read. So jump into the list and read why MLP is so special. But I warm you, SPOILER WARNING EXTREME!!! (read on…)

…does whatever a woman can

I promise I will write about other topics than comics again soon! And enough for DC here is a MARVEL topic: Spider-Woman. One of the comic characters with some mystery to her. Well. I first saw Spider-Woman in the Iron Man TV cartoon series. I never thought her to be like the female version of Spider-Man. Basically I didn‘t know much about the supporting characters in Iron Man. As far as I remember they are the Avengers to that time but I might be wrong. Hawkeye also appeared there regularly. SO I guess they were the Avengers. But whatever. Like a year or two ago I was reading my monthly Spider-Man comic book (Amazing Spider-Man #648). And my brother took a look over my shoulder to check what I was doing. He doesn‘t know much about comics, he only knows the movies. He was able to recognize some of the characters though but finally pointed to Spider-Woman. He was like „Who is this?“ I answered „Spider-Woman!“ He looked at me and asked „Why does she fly?“ And I was like „I dunno!“ (read on…)

Heroes in a Nut Shell

Basically I didn‘t want to write about comics and their movies again. But certain things happened recently so I saw myself being forced to write about this topic again.

I mean, cartoons and comics always were a part of my life! A huge part. I always say that the TV raised me and not my parents (and you have no idea how true that is). Watching cartoons all weekend and some hours after school was normal for me. And just like every other boy in my school I loved the Turtles! And I am not talking about any random raptile (I mean I later had snakes as „pets“) but about the „Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles“. That was their European name, because the term „Ninja“ was thought to be too violent for poor European kids. TMNT was awesome, it was colorful, funny, had cool actions! TMNT was just the right thing for a <10-year old boy. And who did not have a crush on April O‘Neal?!?!?!?!

Well, many years later I saw the early 1990ies live-action movies. As I mentioned in the Muppets article some weeks ago, Jim Henson’s creature shop even did the puppets for this movies. Whatever, as a kid I loved, I adored, I enjoyed, I dunno what else I did with the three Turtles movies. I can still speak certain lines along. Then in 2005 or so, German TV broadcast the new TV show in the kids-block. Unfortunatly we only saw the first 2 of 7 seasons of that. In the meantime I learned that TMNT started as an underground comic in the USA and even read some of them (I now have them all, thanks to the interwebz!). The 2003 TV-show is based upon the comics much more than the original series. In 2007 there even was a new movie in the cinema. Completly computer animated but as awesome as the 2003 TV-show. I actually like the 2003 show better than the old show. I dunno why, maybe I grew up and the darker undertone in the 2003 installment fitted me better than this funny little piece of kids entertainment. Who knows?! I won‘t be talking about the Power-Rangers-like TV show that came up in the late 1990ies, it just sucked.

Well… and short time after I started reading the original comics about 2 weeks ago… I can‘t even talk about this. It hurts. I mean, I heard that somebody was planning to do a new live action movie. I‘m not sure if I already heard who wanted to do it, and if so I seem to have forgotten it for my own good. Well, IDW Publishing relauched the comic franchise with a new #1. They created a new origin story with a lot of ideas I knew from the movies. But I was interested in the original comics. And I found them online. Thanks to the internet you can get everything. I mean, this stuff is more than 25 years old and I didn‘t want to spend tons of money for black/white comics. I was so pleased with the first books and I guess I‘ve read the first 20 books in a row. But when I started dreaming of them I had to do a short break of them.

Anyways, I was looking for the last issue that came out on like March 21th and accidently I found a news about the upcoming movie. I was confused. I thought they had skipped the plans to do a complete movie in favor for the new cartoon series on Nickelodeon (TMNT now belongs to VIACOM). The first word I read was „BAY“ and I was like „OH NOOOOOOO, NOT HIM, PLEASE!!!“ and then I read the news that came up with like a day before: Michael Bay wants to make the Turtles to aliens. And I was like:


There was a keynote or so where he actually tried to promote this idea and the whole internet must have been like I was!

Michael Bay talks Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles von stuffwelike

Bay’s statement was „Chill!“ He mentioned we hadn‘t read the script, and it would make perfect sense, he had talked everything through with one of the inventors of the franchise. As Kevin Eastman sold all the rights to the Turtles some years ago, it means that Peter Laird must be OK with the idea. I mean, I will link some interesting comments on this matter I saw on Youtube.

Here’s Blunty3000’s comment on the matter:

When I first heard what Bay wanted to do, I said on Facebook (and I quote myself) „Bay is butt-fucking“ my childhood!“ Blunty’s right when he says that Bay is doing nothing to the stuff we liked in the old times. It is his vision (or the vision of the screenwriter) and maybe some new ideas can even improve an existing universe.

Well, as far as I remember this only worked once: „The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy“ always was changed and adapted to fit the medium it was on. Compare the radio play, the books, the TV show, the textadventure and the Disney movie and you will find many differences, new story lines, new characters, new monsters/aliens whatever. And it worked everytime.

I mean the Turtles franchise never was out of the minds of the kids. The Turtles always were there in the last 25 years. With TV shows, toys, comics! So I guess Laird doesn‘t need to bring them back with a blast, like maybe Akira Toriyama had to do it with Dragonball. This is another example. Toriyama worked really close with the screenwriters and producers and supervised everything. And he actually said something like „You have to see Dragonball Evolution as a different approach or an alternate universe“ I don‘t remember exactly. But as a hardcore fan you want to see what you know from your childhood on the big screen. That is why so many people feel „raped“ by Bay. I mean, I even felt „butt-fucked“.

Here is another statement from Youtube.

He’s got a good point: If you make the Turtles aliens, it can not be the Mutant Ninja Turtles anymore. Everything that is left over are „Teenage Aliens“!! No more Turtles, no more Ninja and, first of it all, no more Mutants! Barely Teenage Aliens! Well, that basically sums it up. It will end in a hell of a shitty movie! Bay also did the Transformers movies. I‘m not too familiar with this franchise. But except for certain aspects he did a quite good job in my opinion. And I am a man, I love it when stuff blows up and when Megan Fox lays on a motorcycle. But I mean, I‘m trying to think myself into the place of Peter Laird. The big producer/director Michael Bay standing in front of him, talking about the story and his ideas for the movie, throwing stuff into the air and shouting „KABOOOOOOOOOOM!“. Would you say „No I want it differently, I want it like the original“? Of course you have to adapt stuff to the „now“. Stuff that worked in the 1990ies may not work today.

But what if the guys at Universal suddenly had made the Hulk pink or so, just because pink is fashionable at the moment???? So the Turtles being MUTANTS is a basic element just like the color of the Hulk, how stupid it may be! I mean, Blunty is fully right in his point, we have to think before we react and just because something new made of stuff from our childhood, how important it may have been for us, can‘t spoil what we‘ve experienced already! But movie makers have to understand, that they take a certain responsibility when they work with a franchise with such a high popcultural meaning like the Turtles.

I‘m really expecting this movie fearfully. I mean, I sort of enjoyed the Dragonball movie too in some way, cause it brought many ideas to live action I always wanted to see on the big screen. But it simply was not what I expected. The transfer from cartoon/comic/game to a movie always means a lot of compromises, especially when it comes to money and special effects. But please, making „Teenage Mutant Ninja/Hero Turtles“ into „Teenage Aliens“ is not a compromise at all.

Follow the little raping BAY!!!


When Halo first came up I was like 14 or so. I was not a gamer but I was interested in videogames though. I used to buy a monthly PC gaming magazin simply called „PC Games“. It still exists btw. This was the first time I read about the Halo universe. And actually the last time. But I found that concept of a FPS in this futuristic setting on a giant halo in space quite interesting. But then Halo was moved from PC to Microsoft’s new gaming console XBox. When it comes to consoles, I was and still am a Nintendo-fanboy. So buying another console and one even done by Microsux was a no-go! Even though Halo was a game that really digged me in a certain way.

The other day I stumpled upon the „Halo Legends“ DVD. After „Batman: Gothic Knight“ and „Animatrix“ it is the third attempt to expand a universe with animes. Fortunatly all three attemps were a success! I mean, I could write a long text about all bits in „Halo Legends“. But I will only write about the bit done by Toei Animation: „Odd One Out“. I laughed my ass off!!! (read on…)

Snugglelizing the World

Besides the stress I have with learning for my exams in May (I will finish my vocational training this year) I fortunatly still have time left to watch DVDs. My latest achievment is the complete series of Doctor Snuggles.

You know… this series really was part of my earliest childhood. For the first time I saw it when I was very young. The series was produced in 1979 and, I am not kidding, it is still running on German TV. And why? I‘m gonna tell you: (read on…)

Happy to You Log Pony!

I must make a confession. I love the Powerpuff Girls. But you will agree with me. Sometimes it is more than meets the eye. TRANSFORMERS!!! … uh… no. For the first time I saw the Powerpuff Girls in the Saturday morning cartoon reel in the late 90ies. I was confused… How could something that female, that sweet, that colorful and bright rock so much?!?!?!

The basic concept of the series is: 3 super powered kindergarden girls save the world from evil. The combination of the design that is inspired by classic Hanna-Barbera cartoons of the 60ies, a special sort of humour not suitable (and yet not understandable) by kids and a mid-90ies Drum‘n'Bass Soundtrack this series still makes this show to one of my alltime fav cartoon shows. Looking back to last week when I wrote about Astro Boy, the Powerpuff Girls even share some similarities with him. Astro Boy also looks rather innocent but is a born fighting machine. (read on…)

Rust in Peace

Normally it doesn‘t mean any good when Americans lay they hands on original Japanese stuff. Maybe you heard that James Cameron is planning to do a live action version of „Battle Angel Alita“ which actually is my favorite manga series. I am terribly afraid that Mr „I make shitty films and earn millions with them“ Cameron ruins it. In 2009 20th Century Fox released the new Astro Boy CGI movie. Completly produced in Hong Kong but planned, written and directed by Americans. I just saw this movie for the first time this morning and I was curious how they realised it.

I see that the work of Sam Tezuka, the creator of Astro Boy and Kimba, is really important for many people in the USA. I mean, not only was Astro Boy the first anime TV-series ever, but also the first anime series to run in the USA. I know both Astro Boy, Kimba and even Speed Racer from my childhood. But „Speed Racer“ is best example for a classic anime series that was flawfully made into a live action movie. The Wachowski brothers thought they could make it great because their matrix trilogy worked so well. Well, even though there are many German actors in this movie, basically the chimpanzee is the best one in this movie.

But I wanted to talk about the Astro Boy movie. Why do I always lose focus??? Must be my non-functional brain :D Anyways, I was a bit suspicious. Could this work… Astro Boy is an all time classic. First of all it was a good decision to make a CGI movie and not a live action movie. I mean, there are so many CGI movies out there. I will cover that topic in a later article. And god knows, Astro Boy totally drowned among them. Til I saw the DVD in the library yesterday, I had totally forgotten about this movie. No question that I had to borrow this movie!!! (read on…)

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