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More than meets the Arse…

Oh well, the 80ies. What a wonderful time for cartoon fans. Cartoon series were still handmade by Korean kids, German dubbing was aweful and we loved it back then.

Now looking back to my childhood I see how bad these shows actually were. The stories sucked, the animation sucked… in fact everything sucked. Having multiple plotholes seemed to be more like a concept than a problem. I recently started to collect 80ies and early 90ies cartoon shows on DVD, starting with the amazing „Garfield & Friends“ (which is awesome compared to the rest) and going on with „Defenders of the Earth“. The last things I added to my DVD library were the German DVDs to „The Transformers“. (read on…)

Pop Squeek Cool

I loved the Chipmunks back in the day. I unfortunatly still haven‘t seen the two CGI movies that came up recently. I just found that they produced some Chipettes and Chipmunk cover versions of current pop hits. Here’s what I found on Youtube!!!

This one ROCKS!!!

Just Youtube the rest yourself!!!

Follow the little red UFO!!!

Childhood Memories: Cartoon Allstars

Nostalgia Critic has just pulled back a childhood memory. „Cartoon Stars to the Rescue“ actually always frightened me a little bit when I saw it. There is one scene when this drug-ghost spins into the camera and just is a skull of smoke. I was afraid of this scene. Fortunatly it helped me to stay away from drugs the last 25 years… or most of it… *cough* I have to check if this movie is available on DVD somewhere. I mean, I can understand the Nostalgia Critic. Normally a mash-up of the most different cartoon characters is a good thing. But the topic they are talking about is quite weird. Drugs… anyways, don‘t take drugs, watch this Nostalgia Critic Classic. Maybe you even know the cartoon he is talking about ;)

Follow the little red UFO!!!

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