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Where the wild books are

Saturday is my favorite day in the week. No school, no work, just spare time. Some of this time I always spend in our local public library that is just bout 5 minutes by foot away from my apartment. The other I day I borrowed the movie „Where the wild Things are“. I heard about this movie when it was released last year and I heard about the original picture book it is based on. Well, I loved this movie, it is a typical Spike Jonze movie!!! Great stuff. I knew that I knew the original book from somewhere an then I remembered that there was a short spoof scene of it in a certain Simpsons episode. But I had a small doubt in my head about the picture book. So I decided to go to the library and check if the book was available there. I thought it shouldn‘t be too hard to find it. They have hundreds of picture books there. (read on…)

The Incredible (or incredibly stupid) Crash Dummies

„Mama, I want that toy on TV! It comes with a video! Please Mama, I never get any toys… Look how cool they are, when you hit the button they fall apart, let’s go to the toy shop and buy it. It’s not expensive. I never get toys, you don‘t love me, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!“

OK, I admit, I don‘t remember exactly how this conversation between me and my mom was, but it was at least almost like that. Yes, I had some of this stupid toys… All they could do was exploding when you hit the button. Hey but there was a VHS cassette with the toy… I think I watched this video like 4 billion times. I dunno what happened with it but it would be nice to see it again. But it is hard to find information on this series on the internet… and when you look for pictures and type in „Incredible Crash Dummies TV“ you get a picture of Stan Lee on page 8…

OK, here we go, IMDB saved my life again IMDBARONI. This article actually is about the video I had when I was young and here is the Wikipedia-Article about it CRASHTESTERONI

And sometimes it is that easy: OK, let’s see what we have here. You can now watch me collecting information for a blog, normally I do it before I start but I want to do it differently this time. OK, it is a nice site, indeed, but it lacks information and pictures to the TV series.

Anyways, this video was my first encounter with computer animated TV. Looking back the animation wasn‘t that good and the toys were stupid, too. But as far as I remember the video was funny and fitted the style of the toys really well. btw: yes, the picture show the original toy with video that I also had when I was a kid. The picture comes from eBay.

Fasten your long grey SEATBELT!!!


Aah, the Sesame Street, or Sesamstraße as it is called in Germany. One of the first TV-shows I ever watched, besides Die Sendung mit der Maus. Some weeks ago, I saw the Dutch version of it, called Sesamstraat, on Dutch TV. You know, here in Western Germany we receive some Dutch TV channels via cable TV. And via sat you can watch them all I guess… Anyways, there are so many different international versions of the Sesame Street. Of course I did know that there was a Dutch version, but I had never seen it before. I was curious and watched a complete episode. (read on…)

Ewoks Comics #9

OMG. I really can‘t believe this happened. When I was a kid, I really was into the Ewoks. I knew the two movies and I really freaked out when my father told me that they originally appear in the third Star Wars movie. I actually remember the moment when my mum and me were in a store. I saw this Ewok comic book I begged my mum to buy it for me. I must have been like… I just looked it up, it originally was released in Germany in 1988, I was 3 back then… That can‘t be. I mean, I was a smart kid so I was able to read quite early. But not with 3 years… Well, maybe it was a re-release or an oddment… I guess I was 6 or 7, maybe 8… It was the only issue of this comic book series I ever had. There was a big educational part in it that showed how to pack a shelf and some riddles for kids. Usual stuff for a kids‘ comic.

So here is the sensation: Linkara, this guy with the hat and the glasses, also reviews comic books. I mean, he normally only reviews comic but also makes this awesome Power Rangers review thingy I told you some time ago. In his lates episode of his web show he reviews this issue of the Ewoks comic books. When I first saw the title „Ewoks #9″ I already had this thought, that it could be „my“ issue of the Ewoks comics. And it is. I instantly remembered a lot of the story parts and several pictures. Seeing this comic again, brought back some memories I thought to have lost. Thanks Internet… here’s the link: LINKARAONI

Awesome… Just awesome.

Follow the little red UFO!!!

Pop Squeek Cool

I loved the Chipmunks back in the day. I unfortunatly still haven‘t seen the two CGI movies that came up recently. I just found that they produced some Chipettes and Chipmunk cover versions of current pop hits. Here’s what I found on Youtube!!!

This one ROCKS!!!

Just Youtube the rest yourself!!!

Follow the little red UFO!!!

The History of the Power Rangers

You know, I love the Power Rangers since I was like 6 years old. I watched every season when it was broadcast for the first time. Then suddenly the TV channel moved it to a really early spot. It was broadcast at about 6 am. I mean, even if I would have been allowed to watch TV that early, I‘d prefered to sleep on a Saturday. So I lost the Power Rangers for some years. I guess „Time Force“ was the last season I saw when it was broadcast first. Then, like 10 years ago, there was a small regional TV channel that brought all, and I repeat, ALL seasons of Power Rangers so far. 2 episodes each evening, perfectly!! I saw all the classics and some really new seasons I had missed like „Wild Force“, „Lightspeed Rescue“ and so on. Awesome, that brought back my PR fandomness (I know, I just made this word up). Anyways, then there was the news that some new seasons were coming towards Germany, so I followed the series again.

There was another Ninja season („Ninja Force“) and the awesome „Dino Thunder“ that even brought back Tommy!!! But my personal climax was reached with „Power Ranger Space Police Delta“ or just „SPD“. Actually still my favorite season of Power Rangers.

But I lost interest again. „Mystical Force“ was a pole of shit compared to the previously season, so I stopped following the Power Rangers again. I totally I already had read about the last season „RPM“ to the time of „Mystic Force“. I think it is currently running on German TV. So looking back I am a fan of Power Rangers for almost 20 years now. I even totally missed „Jungly Fury“, the season before.

Linkara, part of the ThatGuyWithTheGlasses collective, recently started a complete review-history of all Power Rangers seasons. He already proceeded to „Turbo“, including the introduction he already released 6 episodes. Many of them are up to 40 minutes long and he did a really great job to bring back all this childhood memories to my head!!!


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