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Recently I bought both Hulk movies. You know, they first let Ang Lee do a Hulk movie starring Eric Bana as Bruce Banner! It was a good first approach to the matter of the comic. I like the overlapping comic-panel-like frames showing different characters and they reactions and actions simultaneously. And in the end, the first Hulk is much more comic-y than the second one. That also means, that the story is also a little stupid. It is a good action movie with a lot of great fighting scenes. (read on…)

New Tom & Jerry Comics

I already wrote a short comment at FB but I want to talk about this topic a bit more here because it sort of moves me. Anyway: The other day I stumbled upon this comic book at a super market and wondered if it was new. I immediatly doubted the sense of it a lot. I mean… hey it is Tom & Jerry… I was sure that this characters wouldn‘t work as a comic. But I was curious so I bought the book. Also I was attracted by the gimmick, a whoopie cushion. … NOT!!! I mean, I am 26 years old now. When I want to read comics, I don‘t need no silly toys!!! But I wanted to give the comics a chance. (read on…)


When Halo first came up I was like 14 or so. I was not a gamer but I was interested in videogames though. I used to buy a monthly PC gaming magazin simply called „PC Games“. It still exists btw. This was the first time I read about the Halo universe. And actually the last time. But I found that concept of a FPS in this futuristic setting on a giant halo in space quite interesting. But then Halo was moved from PC to Microsoft’s new gaming console XBox. When it comes to consoles, I was and still am a Nintendo-fanboy. So buying another console and one even done by Microsux was a no-go! Even though Halo was a game that really digged me in a certain way.

The other day I stumpled upon the „Halo Legends“ DVD. After „Batman: Gothic Knight“ and „Animatrix“ it is the third attempt to expand a universe with animes. Fortunatly all three attemps were a success! I mean, I could write a long text about all bits in „Halo Legends“. But I will only write about the bit done by Toei Animation: „Odd One Out“. I laughed my ass off!!! (read on…)

Comic „throughanother“

Oh man, this week was weird… One morning before school I went to the newspaper shop at the train station. It is on my way to school and because I was busy in the afternoon I wanted to buy some magazines and comics in the morning. You know, in the morning I am a little… how to say it… well, out of this world. Everything I wanted to buy was the current Perry Rhodan and the latest Donald Duck. When I arrived at school I had some time left and wanted to take a short look into the Donald Duck book. I grabbed into my bag and was surprised. I didn‘t buy the latest Donald Duck, I bought the latest Bart Simpson… How could that happen? I mean, the Donald Duck book had a green cover and Bart Simpson doesn‘t look like a duck at all… At least the book had a poster, that now hangs on my apartment wall. (read on…)

Scientific Progress Goes Boink!


Dunno if I ever mentioned it or if you noticed it any other way: I AM RETRO!!! Besides old videogames and old movies I also love classic comic strips. The other day I re-discovered Calvin & Hobbes. Great. It was long ago that a simple one panel comic strip made me rofl. Calvin & Hobbes did this several times and that was only one of many many books available at the local public library. (read on…)

Snugglelizing the World

Besides the stress I have with learning for my exams in May (I will finish my vocational training this year) I fortunatly still have time left to watch DVDs. My latest achievment is the complete series of Doctor Snuggles.

You know… this series really was part of my earliest childhood. For the first time I saw it when I was very young. The series was produced in 1979 and, I am not kidding, it is still running on German TV. And why? I‘m gonna tell you: (read on…)

Rust in Peace

Normally it doesn‘t mean any good when Americans lay they hands on original Japanese stuff. Maybe you heard that James Cameron is planning to do a live action version of „Battle Angel Alita“ which actually is my favorite manga series. I am terribly afraid that Mr „I make shitty films and earn millions with them“ Cameron ruins it. In 2009 20th Century Fox released the new Astro Boy CGI movie. Completly produced in Hong Kong but planned, written and directed by Americans. I just saw this movie for the first time this morning and I was curious how they realised it.

I see that the work of Sam Tezuka, the creator of Astro Boy and Kimba, is really important for many people in the USA. I mean, not only was Astro Boy the first anime TV-series ever, but also the first anime series to run in the USA. I know both Astro Boy, Kimba and even Speed Racer from my childhood. But „Speed Racer“ is best example for a classic anime series that was flawfully made into a live action movie. The Wachowski brothers thought they could make it great because their matrix trilogy worked so well. Well, even though there are many German actors in this movie, basically the chimpanzee is the best one in this movie.

But I wanted to talk about the Astro Boy movie. Why do I always lose focus??? Must be my non-functional brain :D Anyways, I was a bit suspicious. Could this work… Astro Boy is an all time classic. First of all it was a good decision to make a CGI movie and not a live action movie. I mean, there are so many CGI movies out there. I will cover that topic in a later article. And god knows, Astro Boy totally drowned among them. Til I saw the DVD in the library yesterday, I had totally forgotten about this movie. No question that I had to borrow this movie!!! (read on…)

What happened to Fix & Foxi???

Looking back in German comic book history you will only find really few sucessful comics. One of them would be Fix & Foxi. I recently stumbled upon a special releas that was made by Germanies biggest yellow press newspaper BILD. BILD put up a series of 12 books containing many popular comic book heroes such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, the new-age Avenger Duck and even Detective Conan as the only manga in this series. This books are from 2005 and were sold weekly for about 10 Euros. But you still find rests of them when you look around carefully, I have 5 from that 12 books, all bought within the last year. Fix & Foxi were one of them, too. But something in this book confused me. (read on…)

Scrooge McSchnitzeljagd

Oh, I so understand this writer. I often have problems and interests that I have to research about. Thomas Dörflinger sent me this link, that is really interesting. It is about the German name of Scrooge McDuck, Dagobert, and what it means. It digs really deep into history and stuff. Thanks to Thomas!!!

Article @ Cellar Door

Follow the little red UFO

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Maths with Garfield

At the moment I am still reading the collection books of all Garfield newspaper strips. One of the last books was 1986 – 1988. On October 25th 1986 this little strip was released.

Well, it sort of challenged me! I wanted to know, how many hours of every day he was awake in this 8 years. So I started thinking. He was alive 8 years, that is 70,080 hours. He was awake 2 years, that’s 17,520 hours… I calculated and calculated and in the end I had a calculation that looked a little bit like this. In fact my sheet looks much more messy, I did this one in Excel.

So he was awake about 6 hours a day. Of course I didn‘t watched the leap years. But I was proud of myself. I had a mathematical problem and solved it in a smart way… well… Suddenly I noticed that I did nothing else than dividing 2 : 8. It has the same solution, 0.25. All this effort just for something I could have much easier. At least it kept me awake for 10 minutes… darn…

Follow the little orange GARFIELD!!!

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