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You Commin‘ DC? We‘re Going to the Movies!


As a comic expert my friends regularly ask me about the WHYs and WHOs in superhero movies and about stuff they didn‘t understand. That’s fun! I can explain something, my friends learn and maybe eventually get interested in the comics. The other day one of the kids (12 years old) that are regularly attending the playroom in our local comic shop asked me, if I could help him finding the right Batman comics for him. He saw The Dark Knight Rises and now wants to find out more about the comic characters. It was hard for me recommending him the right Batman series. I am not into Batman that much, because I find him a bit boring. HUH, look at me, I wear a black suit and dress up as a bat! CROISSANT! Additionally he is only 12. Telling him to read Detective Comics where the Joker cuts off his face in the end of issue #1 didn‘t seem suitable to me at all. (read on…)

…does whatever a woman can

I promise I will write about other topics than comics again soon! And enough for DC here is a MARVEL topic: Spider-Woman. One of the comic characters with some mystery to her. Well. I first saw Spider-Woman in the Iron Man TV cartoon series. I never thought her to be like the female version of Spider-Man. Basically I didn‘t know much about the supporting characters in Iron Man. As far as I remember they are the Avengers to that time but I might be wrong. Hawkeye also appeared there regularly. SO I guess they were the Avengers. But whatever. Like a year or two ago I was reading my monthly Spider-Man comic book (Amazing Spider-Man #648). And my brother took a look over my shoulder to check what I was doing. He doesn‘t know much about comics, he only knows the movies. He was able to recognize some of the characters though but finally pointed to Spider-Woman. He was like „Who is this?“ I answered „Spider-Woman!“ He looked at me and asked „Why does she fly?“ And I was like „I dunno!“ (read on…)

Comic „throughanother“

Oh man, this week was weird… One morning before school I went to the newspaper shop at the train station. It is on my way to school and because I was busy in the afternoon I wanted to buy some magazines and comics in the morning. You know, in the morning I am a little… how to say it… well, out of this world. Everything I wanted to buy was the current Perry Rhodan and the latest Donald Duck. When I arrived at school I had some time left and wanted to take a short look into the Donald Duck book. I grabbed into my bag and was surprised. I didn‘t buy the latest Donald Duck, I bought the latest Bart Simpson… How could that happen? I mean, the Donald Duck book had a green cover and Bart Simpson doesn‘t look like a duck at all… At least the book had a poster, that now hangs on my apartment wall. (read on…)

Marvel’s Avengers movie

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