New EP: Per Aspera Ad Astra

OK, here we go. It has been some time since I released a serious piece of music. This is serious. 8 tracks, somewhere in between of electronic and chipmusic. The topic of it is >>SPACE< < and I hope that I met it with all tracks.

Funny it is also the first time for many years that I applied at a label to release it. And like it was with "Tweakological Techniques" I already expected to have a looooooooong search. I mean, eventually I gave up and released "Tweakological Techniques" via Bandcamp. But I wanted to have this new release on a proper label. I applied at exactly one label. PXL-BOT. And they accepted me eben though the thing wasn't even fully done at that moment. Anyways, here you go: DOWNLOADERONI

New Album – Chasing Girls And Making Friends

I had the two weeks around the Easter holidays off. So I spent my time with some useful things. Tidying up my apartment, cleaning my bathroom (no comment on that) and of course making music. It has been a loooooooooong time, that I didn‘t make any new stuff and I really enjoyed it just to sit in front of MadTracker and put in note after note into my computer. Well, it all started on Easter Sunday and after that I was in a rush. The following days I produced 5 songs. And I didn‘t want to make the same mistake I did with „Tweakological Techniues“ so I released it when I had enough material. And that was on Saturday. Of course I not only took the 5 tracks but also 3 older tracks I made many months ago and that totally fit the sound-concept of the album: 8-bit-percs, chip-melodies and crazy voice samples.

But I also had some problems with some tracks: first of all „We Like To Bounce It“. When I finished my version of the song it was some sort of boring. I sent what I had so far to FoX who also played the guitars on „Alter Ego“. He sent his overworked version back to me in less than 12 hours. You can listen to the result in the lower app in this blogpost.

Well I am very proud of this album. It was great fun producing it. With the album you will get a text file with more information. And again I uploaded it to Bandcamp. I just love this platform. It is perfect for musicians who want to promote themselves. But enough Jibber-Jabba, here’s the album:

More Releases on Bandcamp

I just uploaded two albums to Bandcamp. First of all the latest MM vs. FoX album „Working Title“. Unfortunatly with two tracks less than in the original release. The remix of „Running Robot“ by Darklime will be released physically later this year. And I couldn‘t find the master WAV of „Working Title“ this morning. Maybe I will add this song, when I have :)

Then a small but nevertheless great EP we released in 2009 as far as I remember. „ektodermis/ektodermis“ originally was released on Pixelmod Records, but I wanted to give it a better platform. you know this whole Pixelmod project didn‘t turn out the way I expected. Well… anyways, ENJOY!!

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Tweakological Techniques

I just can‘t believe that I got rid of this. It is out, finally. I wanted to test Bandcamp and what shall I say? I don‘t understood what I did but it works. You can reach my stuff there via I‘m going to release more stuff there soon, for example the last MM vs. FoX release „Working Title“! But here it is *drumroll* Tweakological Techniques!! Listen!

New Song at 8BC „Alter Ego“

Some months ago, Naomi Sample and his band started a remix-project. I wanted to remix one of their songs and even did a short melody line… but eventually forgot about that whole thing. Some time later, it must have been this summer, I found that melody line among my unfinished tracks and started working with it. I made a simple bassline, some real basic beats and some synths but everything felt incomplete and naked. So I asked a friend of mine (FoX) to add some guitar sound to it. I was worried because the song already was far away from every chipmusic standard I set up for myself so far. It turned out to be very electronically even though the kickdrum and the bassline were chip. But I thought, why not make some more song in a less „chippy“ way??? So here it is, „Alter Ego“. Have fun.


Credits for the first melody go to Naomi Sample and the Go-Go-Ghosts and their song „Krach“

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New Compilation Release: „300 – bring‘em low“

finally! the show must go on: celebrating 20kbps release #300. ’cause they‘ve got to ride forever on that range down low: applecore, arxo, atarix, Big Sugar Victorious, Cooloola Monster, D. Porno, Denner, Derex, Duality, Duality Micro, EugeneKha, Gert 300, Goto80, G O Z N E, Graffiti Mechanism, hamburguesan vegetal, hertzcanary, INDU MEZU, Jimmy Slaughter, Jemset, Josstintimberlake, k9d, Microbit Project, Mr.Dee, Nole Plastique, Olympic Smoker, Origami Repetika, Pablo Javier Piacente, Razxca, Sascha Müller, Scrap Heap, Sick To The Back Teeth, Static Bass, Steuker, Synthetic, The MM Project, Toxic Chicken, Xedh, Xorqz and others. incredible glitch-glatch covert art by the incredible bikecore. bring‘em low! DOWNLOADERONI

New MM vs. FoX album – Working Title

Yes, I‘m still doing music besides all my interests. Here is the latest results of my work. The new album I did with my co-op partner FoX from Cologne. The sound is a little more electronic than it was on „Cacophonetic“ our last album. We started producing the first tracks back in 2008 and finished the last one just yesterday. We felt that it was time to put this thing out finally. So here it is, check it out, don‘t miss it. And so on. Also on this album: a great remix of a great song. We remixed Darklime’s „Running Robot“ which is on this album as a bonus track!!!


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Album Release: WAYAWAYOT

Since the easter silence I thought it was good to bring some power back to this blog. So here it is, my 2010 RPM album „Who Are You? And Why Are You On TV?“ 10 tracks of great chip-trance, electro-goodness and actually the first MM album that contains sung vocals by me. there are all the lyrics contained as well as some liner notes and the awesome cover artwork by Martin Schemitsch.

Hope you like it :)

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Bitte8Bit Interview

It is on, the interview with me in the Austrian Radio Show Bitte8Bit. (read on…)

New Demo from the next MM vs. FoX album

Yesterday I had the first session with FoX for our upcoming album. we were checking some loops and samples and putting some ideas together and in the end this little song happened.

first it will be finished for the upcoming Tiefbit compilation. After that it will be an album track for the next MM vs. FoX album „Working Title“.

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