New Mixtape – Vol. 4 Hearts

whohooo Episode 4 of my great Tixmape series. download here:


New Album – Expensive Meds For A Fake Disease


If you are a fan of my stuff for some time, you may know the title of this album already. This morning I decided to put this album the way it is. no further changes, no new songs. I spend months to get this tracks done and never released any of them in an album format.

You can download it via my new webspace, little-scale gave me. thanks again to him :)


hope you like. it is a lot more electronic styled than my recent stuff.

follow the little… you know the rest :D

Hooray – VGM Compilation Online

I am proud that Pixelmod Records got an awesome compilation to release: it is the Video Game Compilation which was organised by eLectrodreams. Of course I am part of it, too. Additionally I am pole position on this great piece of music which makes me really proud. the last time this happened was on the first official compilation „Hello World“ which I opened with „8BC is Cool“.

The title has some Japanese in it. As far as I know it is called „Sugar Sugar (Videogame Marathon) Vol. 1″. so this means there could be a second volume in the future. I hope that we can release this one, too. but at the moment I am really happy about this one.


Daft Punk Compilation back

due to problems with web traffic and copyright stuff JDDJ3J had to take the release off the web again. you can download the thing on many many mirrors. one of them is here: LEMURAONI

a nice comp is coming up – Sugar Video Game Marathon something

this will only be filled with lots of videogame covers. I submitted a remix of the „Green Greens“-Theme from Kirby’s Dreamland. I played this song also on my live-performance in berlin, but with vocals.

Daft Punk Compilation is there – with me o.O“

unbelievable!! I am on the Daft Punk compilation. as a bonus track but I am on it. download the whole awesome compilation by clicking on the animated image!!

Stock Music


I hope you like it :)

Download @: Jamendo

another new old mixtape – Da Tixmape Vol. 1.5

this actually is a new mixtape. but I dumped the very first one because of too much big names. so I decided to make a completly new number one (point five) with a lot of old stuff from the last few years. when you are brand new to the scene this might seem to be completly new music to you. thanx to all involved artists for making music at all.

CHICAGO¤lollie – Gimme More (Leave Her Alone Remix)
Testpilot – Nerdcore Is Dead
:( – Twin Chevron Action Flash
Paza – Windows (Psilodump Remix)
Binärpilot – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Remix)
Ogge – Intro
Ouch, Fire! – Think About It (Casio Kid Cover)
Ninjaspark – Skolavslutning ’90 (Boy vs. Bacteria remix)
Jellica – Jellica’s song


New Compilation – Run!

the 2nd issue

for everybody who likes the 3rd issue, I looked for the link to the 2nd one.

here it is: CLICKO

it is a lot of nice music on it, so don‘t miss this, too :) next time I will inform you directly when I put something like this out.

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