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Album Release: WAYAWAYOT

Since the easter silence I thought it was good to bring some power back to this blog. So here it is, my 2010 RPM album „Who Are You? And Why Are You On TV?“ 10 tracks of great chip-trance, electro-goodness and actually the first MM album that contains sung vocals by me. there are all the lyrics contained as well as some liner notes and the awesome cover artwork by Martin Schemitsch.

Hope you like it :)

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RPM2010 – The Final Results

Oh boy, RPM2010 is finally over. Luckily I saved some energy before February and I didn‘t make some mistakes I made last year. First of all I didn‘t create the artwork myself. I asked Martin Schemitsch to draw it. That was the best idea I ever had. Then I also didn‘t participate in the WinterChip project of BattleOfTheBits that also takes place in February. Last year I joined many project besides RPM2009 which took away a lot time. Of course all my tracks I made for other projects are on the RPM2009 album, too. (read on…)

LSDJ & MadTracker

I have LSDJ and NL 2.3 for quite a while. But since I only have a GBA I never really recorded any of the songs I made with LSDJ. And I actually never really did a song with NL 2.3 so far because I can‘t handle it yet. On Monday I was joking around in LSDJ. I always wanted to do a song in the style of Escape Hawaii, just as an funny tribute and to tell him that he shouldn‘t stop chip business. Well, I tried to copy the intro bassline of „The City Never Sleeps“ but again I failed. I also didn‘t want to copy it 1:1, I just wanted to make it a little bit like it. But in the end I only had this bassline and a rather weak melody line. So I had 2 choices: (read on…)

RPM2010 Album Artwork

Just look at this picture. It is the artwork for my RPM2010 album. It is done by Martin Schemitsch. He also draws Lo*Bert, the comic shorts in Lotek64. I really love the result. BUT: Martin made one mistake: I planned the album title to be „Who Are You And Why Are You On TV?“. Martin added a question mark but improved the title with that.

Besides you can find all of Martin’s works at The site is fully animated and looks really nice. I‘m really happy with this artwork, and who knows, maybe I will ask him to do more artworks.

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Another RPM2010 status report

Oh boy… I‘m so done… mentally… I already said it in my blog on (and here’s my RPM-Blog): I‘m fed up with making music. In the last 21 days I finished 8 tracks, I still have to write and record vocals for one song, make a field reording for the introduction, master everything a little bit, burn the CD, print and cut out the cover artwork that I didn‘t receive yet, put everything into an envelope and post it on Friday afternoon. HARD!!!

Well… I‘m glad when RPM2010 is over again. After that I will finish my next album „Tweakological Techniques“… hmm… I‘m saying this for ages… Motone is planning to do a remix of „Assembly Required“. I‘m going to ask him if he has time to do the mastering and I will release everything in one package. My RPM2010 album „Who Are You And Why Are You On TV“ (ot just WAYAWAYOT) will possibly be released on Jamendo again. I am really pleased how „Stock Music“, my RPM2009 album, is presented there. I don‘t like how the upload is managed on first of all you have to do it yourself. OK I admit, I would expect too much from the RPM team if I wanted them to upload hundreds of albums. But additionally you only can upload songs in 128 kbps which is a little low. I normally convert my songs with 160 kbps, Jamendo even offers 192 kbps which is more than I need.

Don‘t get me wrong, I‘m absolutly loving every single song I made for WAYAWAYOT so far. I‘m sure it will be even better than „Tweakological Techniques“. But only because the time span between the tracks I made on TT and WAYAWAYOT is rather big. I also tried many new ways of composing and sampling I didn‘t use on TT. Additionally I‘m working on TT for about 2 years now. And actually I think of dumping the most.

I‘m unsure about TT. I don‘t know if it is still my style. Maybe it doesn‘t show what „The MM Project“ sounds like in 2010… WAYAWAYOT does it much better. I also don‘t want to overwork everything. In fact, it is done. It just needs some little corrections and mastering… I will care for TT as soon as WAYAWAYOT is done completly.

Till then…

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RPM Challenge – my status

It’s Feb 10th today and I just wanna give you a little status report about my album. First of all the album is called „Who Are You And Why Are You TV?“. Long title, but I love it. The artwork will be done by Martin Schemitsch who also draws Lo*Bert, the comic shorts in Lotek64.

At the moment I have 5 songs done and another one in the making. I will sing a lot on this album, 2 of my 5 songs I have so far contain vocals already.

I‘m sure this album will be much better than my last years RPM album and even better than all my albums so far. I tried out a new way of production. This time the whole album is based upon samples and loops from libraries, that I take to be inspired. Most of the time it is just one riff or melody-sample and I‘m building the rest of the song around them. Sometimes it is just a percussion loop that defines the rhythm and/or sound of the song. I also use a lot of improvising. Letting the main melody play and record many notes to it. After that I correct the timing, delete some mistakes and add some additional notes. The song I‘m currently working on is mainly based on that concept. Melodies turn out to be much more alive and funky with that method.

I hope I can upload some songs soon. There is an RPMcast again, unfortunatly not longer run by Joshua Wentz. He decided not to take part in any way in this years RPM which I think to be very sad. I loved his calm voice in 2009s podcast-episodes, even though he had a cold in the last days of February.

I also met many great artists from the chipmusic scene on the RPM website. Dauragon is preparing something and the awesome zan-zan-zawa-veia (long but great artist name), too. I guess there are some more who I just didn‘t notice.

So far for this time,

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RPM 2010 – How to create song titles and album cover

It is hard to find the right name and look for an album. I guess I will do it this time like this (Except for step 1):

1 – Go to Wikipedia. Hit “random”
or click
The first random Wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.

2 – Go to Quotations Page and select „random quotations“
or click
The last four or five words of the very last quote on the page is the title of your first album or song.

3 – Go to Flickr and click on “explore the last seven days”
or click
Third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

4 – Use Photoshop or similar to put it all together.


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