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New episode

We are coming towards the end of my christmas story. here is the awesome episode 6. Don‘t miss the great final episode on 24th December :)


New episode and blog post with title

Here is a new episode of my brillant X-Mas Story. See what happens to Fritz, the slug Caruzzo and the stupid Big Bad Wolf this time :)


New Episode and new menu

I added a menu to the X-Mas Story page. You can now easily browse the single episode by clicking the Links. There also is a new episode for you to enjoy. >>

X-Mas Story is on its own page

The X-Mas Story is now available on a special site. Everytime I do an update I will post it there. this is easier for you to read. At the weekend I will put in a menu to make the access to the single episodes a little more comfortable. I also made some small changes in the design. For example red links. The old color was not that much different from the normal text color. It also fits the normal white/black/red color scheme I use. Now go and read the X-Mas Story. Who knows, maybe I will extend it a little bit longer. :-p

X-Mas Story #3

Hey, it’s christmas next week so fuck it, here is episode #3, hope you enjoy it :)
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X-Mas Story #2

Here’s the second part of my little X-Mas Story. Also in German. Enjoy :)
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X-Mas Story #1

I wrote this story when I had too much time during worktime. It is in German so please don‘t feel sad when you can‘t read it. Maybe I will translate it into English one day. It is the first episode of many many more. Hope everybody of you that speaks German likes it. Enjoy: (read on…)

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