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Gotta Trade‘em All

The other day the latest issue of Lotek64 was released (LOTEKERONI). For that issue I wrote a huge article about the Pokémon-franchise. One aspect I did not cover at all was the Pokémon TCG. And I didn‘t even notice that I forgot to talk about it. The Pokémon TCG totally vanished from my filterbubble. Why? (read on…)


WARNING: If you are not or have never been a fan of Pokémon, reading on is futile. If Pokémon was a big part of your childhood, be aware of being MINDFUCKED! Level of mind-blowingness: Brain goes supernova!!!

It all started with a podcast. A special episode of my favorite videogame podcast, Pixelburg (Pixelcastle). The Pixelburg’s a bunch of kids (20 + years old) who are writing, podcasting and making internet shows about videogames. The latest podcast episode deals with the Pokémon franchise. They actually talked for 5 hours about Pokémon!!! Pokémon was an important game for me. It changed the way I consumed videogames. The game forced us kids to connect with each other to trade Pokémon and fight via the link cable. And I really spent a lot of time with reading about the Pokémon universe and being a part of the German fan online-community (which still exists). Of course, in the end of the day, it is just a videogame franchise supported by merchandising, a TV show and big feature movies. But there are some weird things that I already noticed a long time ago. (read on…)

New Sidebar module

I noticed that my posts about video and computer games become really rare. Most because I am just playing and not writing about it. You can now find a new module in the sidebar, that shows you the game that I am currently playing. You can click the image to get to the corresponding Wikipedia-article to find out more about the game. I planned to also do modules for the book I am currently reading and the TV-series I am watching. ATM it would be „Transformers: Beast Machines“ as already mentioned on Twitter.

Follow the little red UFO!!!


When Halo first came up I was like 14 or so. I was not a gamer but I was interested in videogames though. I used to buy a monthly PC gaming magazin simply called „PC Games“. It still exists btw. This was the first time I read about the Halo universe. And actually the last time. But I found that concept of a FPS in this futuristic setting on a giant halo in space quite interesting. But then Halo was moved from PC to Microsoft’s new gaming console XBox. When it comes to consoles, I was and still am a Nintendo-fanboy. So buying another console and one even done by Microsux was a no-go! Even though Halo was a game that really digged me in a certain way.

The other day I stumpled upon the „Halo Legends“ DVD. After „Batman: Gothic Knight“ and „Animatrix“ it is the third attempt to expand a universe with animes. Fortunatly all three attemps were a success! I mean, I could write a long text about all bits in „Halo Legends“. But I will only write about the bit done by Toei Animation: „Odd One Out“. I laughed my ass off!!! (read on…)

Never bring a hammer to a gunfight!!!

I wish this was real!!!

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Scott Pilgrim vs. Me

It’s amazing. Some months ago I only knew that there was a comic book series called „Scott Pilgrim“. I saw the cover artwork and thought ‚‘what sort of mist is that here?'‘ (that was Denglish for ‚‘WTF'‘). I read that the topic was more recommended for young adults and the picture looked like a kids drawing. OK, besides the drawing style, Scott Pilgrim really is a great comic book, I haven‘t read all issues yet, I guess one is even still to be released in the USA. But it was awesome. At the same time I heard that somebody was making a live-action movie of this comic book. I was unsure if this was a good idea. Many comic book movies beside the ‚‘normal'‘ superhero movies sucked. I was afraid that this movie was going in the same direction. I mean, I haven‘t seen it yet, I wanna. But the movie starts ridiculously late here in Germany. It will be in theaters in January… JANUARY… That is like 4 months from now. Normally I don‘t like importing stuff. It is complicated and most of the time expensive. But this time, I will import the American DVD as soon as it is released. I wanna own this movie. I could watch it online but it would not be the same.

And then, suddenly this morning, I heard that Anamanaguchi, one of my favorite chipmusic bands have written and performed the soundtrack for the upcoming videogame for Playstation and XBox360… ANAMANAGUCHI, seriously I‘m proud of beeing able to write this band name down without a typo. How awesome is this??? This is the first time I see that a chipmusic band is doing a thing that huge. I always dream of beeing asked doing a thing at least 1/4 as big as this. Oh boy… Nice dream, but dreams are schemes… Träume sind Schäume… and when it happens, it happens. And if not, then not ;)

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Hey, Mr. Tentacle Guy!

You know, I am a retro gamer. I don‘t care about modern videogame console. They are expensive and the games suck. I don‘t have much money and there are 30 years of gaming I already missed. One thing I always to catch up was „Day of the Tentacle“. I often tried to play the original „Maniac Mansion“ but always stopped because of the VERY oldschool mechanics of the game. Of course I played through the remake „Maniac Mansion DX“ but just for the cameo appearance of the GIGA//Games crew. As far as I remember they are in this remake… I may be wrong…

Anyways. On Friday I sneaked through the second hand store that’s part of our company and that is right next to our office. I browsed through the computer games and found a copy of „Day of the Tentacle“. As an employee I got the CD for free, otherwise it had cost like 50 cent or so. Later at home I put it into my PC, started ScummVM and got blasted by the probably best adventure game I played so far. Awesome graphics and animations, perfect voice dubbing, jokes that made me rolling over the floor laughing. I don‘t know why it had took so long until I found this pearl of a computer game. I‘m not fully done with it, I guess I‘m about 3/4 round the game.

LucasArts‘ adventures always were a part of my gaming life. „Sam & Max: Hit the Road“ even was one of the first adventures I played. Of course I checked out the new episodes of the police dog and the freaky rabbit, I played the first part of the first season but it was weird to see the beloved 2D character in 3D… I don‘t know. I‘m not that much into games in 3D.

DotT really waked my hunger for classic adventure games. I guess next I will start to play the Monkey Island games. Yes I have to admit that I haven‘t played any of them. It’s sad, but it’s the truth.

Follow the little purple TENTACLE!!!

Pokémon Black & White – The Pokémon

I‘m shocked… you know, I played Pokémon since the Red Version on Gameboy Classic. I was a huge Pokémon fan. In the end of the 90ies Pokémon was TEH thing. catching PKMN, training PKMN, swapping PKMN… it was awesome. Then my best friend showed me the new Gold and Silver Versions on an emulator and it was even more awesome. The game that was already great in this dotmatrix graphics, even improved just by the look. And when the GBA came out… OH MY GOD!!! The Ruby and Saphire Versions were even better and better and better. I lost interest in Pokémon when the FireRed and LeafGreen Versions came out. LeafGreen was my last version. I still have it. On Saturday I turned it on just to compare it to the original Red Version, which I‘m playing at the moment, and I even found a missing moonstone to evolve a certain Pokémon. Now I have 312 instead of 311 PKMN on LeafGreen… I guess I will never touch it again. But I was looking for a moonstone by catching a Clefairy after another. They are said to hold them when you catch them. Must be a quite rare thing. I never found any… But I have like 20 Clefairys on LeafGreen.

All this time I played Pokémon, there was one little thing missing… just one thing… all over the years. Pokémon actually touching each other in battle. YOu see that in the series all the time. In the games it always was like your PKMN moved forward a little step and the opponent PKMN got hit by a invisible force of air or such. Maybe stench… It dissapointed me a lot seeing this also in Pokémon Stadium on the N64. Or that you could only see the upper part of your own PKMNs body and that they were hardly moving. In the latest versions they are moving up and down slightly so it seems that they are breathing. (read on…)

My thoughts to Skyward Sword

Oh boy… the E3… I think for Nintendo this year wasn‘t that lucky. All presented games were rather lame. There were two surprises for me: Donkey Kong Country for Wii and Kid Icarus for 3DS. Well, I thought after the sale of Rare to Microsoft, Nintendo wouldn‘t dare to develope a Donkey Kong game on their own. Now they did and it looks and is said to feel like New Super Mario Bros. Wii. That there is a new game with Pit, the little angel from Kid Icarus, is not that much of a surprise. Why else should Nintendo put him into the character list of Super Smash Bros. BRAWL (SSBB). Kid Icarus only had very few games on the NES, SNES and Gameboy. This franchise was out of the gamers‘ head for ages. Except for some really hardcore retro-gamers and fans of the „Captain N“ cartoon series. Pit was briefly brought back to mind with SSBB to bring him in a new game. I think it’s a good way to re-establish a character. I recently posted a review of the first NES game by LordKat. Have a look, it is worth it. (read on…)

I guess somebody was wrong!

As we all know Nintendo’s gonna release a new Kid Icarus game on the 3DS. So here’s the classic Kid Icarus game for the NES reviewed by LordKat. And his thought of Nintendo never ever release a KI game again was busted by our Japanese friends just some days after the release of this review. I LIKE!!!

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