It’s Gnaria, with a silent G

I wanted to write about the new Narnia movies for a long time actually. It first started when I first saw the original BBC serial of „The Witch, the Lion and the Wardrobe“ or so. I found it on DVD for just a Euro. And I really love the way the BBC made the books into this TV-show. I knew it from my childhood. I loved this show when I was a kid. I guess when they first got aired in Germany I was like 6 or 7. Must have been in the beginning of the 1990ies or so.

Well I had not seen the new Narnia movies so I tried to borrow them from the library one by one. Often they have the new stuff really late so it took me until this week until I finally saw the latest one. The first thing I noticed, it was not done by Disney anymore. While the 20th Century Fox intro was running I already sung (without knowing anything about the 3rd Narnia) something like „This movie will suck, it’s not done by Disney, la la la la, and 20th Century Fox is 75 now, happy anniversary!“ I had no idea how right I was. I mean the CGIs are cheap and everything actually looks like a big-budget TV movie. At least the movie featured all known actors. Even this ugly girl who is less ugly now!

I mean, you often hear, that license takers are forced to do movies even if they don‘t want to just to fulfill certain contracts. It often happens. So they take some money, put in the least effort they can and you name it. It is really a cheek because the first two Narnias really rocked my balls off. Especially the first one was outstanding compared to the BBC serial.

Well I wanna say it with the words of the horse in the Rem & Stimpy show: „No, I do not like it!“

Which mansion? Aaaaah that mansion, you should have „mansioned“ it!

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New EP: Per Aspera Ad Astra

OK, here we go. It has been some time since I released a serious piece of music. This is serious. 8 tracks, somewhere in between of electronic and chipmusic. The topic of it is >>SPACE< < and I hope that I met it with all tracks.

Funny it is also the first time for many years that I applied at a label to release it. And like it was with "Tweakological Techniques" I already expected to have a looooooooong search. I mean, eventually I gave up and released "Tweakological Techniques" via Bandcamp. But I wanted to have this new release on a proper label. I applied at exactly one label. PXL-BOT. And they accepted me eben though the thing wasn't even fully done at that moment. Anyways, here you go: DOWNLOADERONI

(Not exactly) Oreos

I love Oreos. I LOVE‘EM. One of the best things that ever came from the USA to Germany (besides Britney Spears‘ vagina photos) are Oreos. I can spell it: O R E O S A R E A W E S O M E

Yesterday I went to the supermarket to get some cake, cheese and cereals and when I came to the cookies, I saw this Oreo-like ones. Well, let’s wrap it up a bit: While I am writing this I have only one of 25 cookies left (and I‘m watchin „Live Free Or Die Hard“ for the first time and it ducking rocks). They are called Black5, I dunno why at all. Maybe because they are packed just like Oreos with 5 cookies each in one pack. And basically they taste a bit better than the original Oreos. Well, better is the wrong word. They taste different… How to say… Maybe they fit the German taste a bit better than the original American cookies. I mean, it even says „American recipe“ on the package but I think that they have been adjusted to the German taste a bit.

The most important thing: there are more cookies in the pack, and the Black5s are a bit cheaper than Oreos. They are a great alternative if you are sick of capitalistic American cookies :D

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New Tom & Jerry Comics

I already wrote a short comment at FB but I want to talk about this topic a bit more here because it sort of moves me. Anyway: The other day I stumbled upon this comic book at a super market and wondered if it was new. I immediatly doubted the sense of it a lot. I mean… hey it is Tom & Jerry… I was sure that this characters wouldn‘t work as a comic. But I was curious so I bought the book. Also I was attracted by the gimmick, a whoopie cushion. … NOT!!! I mean, I am 26 years old now. When I want to read comics, I don‘t need no silly toys!!! But I wanted to give the comics a chance. (read on…)

Let’s look at the right side of the Blog

Soooo, here we go, three new modules. You can now easily see when I will have my next radio show, what I am playing and what I am watching atm. I am not reading anything special atm so there is no „Currently Reading“ module yet.

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New Sidebar module

I noticed that my posts about video and computer games become really rare. Most because I am just playing and not writing about it. You can now find a new module in the sidebar, that shows you the game that I am currently playing. You can click the image to get to the corresponding Wikipedia-article to find out more about the game. I planned to also do modules for the book I am currently reading and the TV-series I am watching. ATM it would be „Transformers: Beast Machines“ as already mentioned on Twitter.

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When Halo first came up I was like 14 or so. I was not a gamer but I was interested in videogames though. I used to buy a monthly PC gaming magazin simply called „PC Games“. It still exists btw. This was the first time I read about the Halo universe. And actually the last time. But I found that concept of a FPS in this futuristic setting on a giant halo in space quite interesting. But then Halo was moved from PC to Microsoft’s new gaming console XBox. When it comes to consoles, I was and still am a Nintendo-fanboy. So buying another console and one even done by Microsux was a no-go! Even though Halo was a game that really digged me in a certain way.

The other day I stumpled upon the „Halo Legends“ DVD. After „Batman: Gothic Knight“ and „Animatrix“ it is the third attempt to expand a universe with animes. Fortunatly all three attemps were a success! I mean, I could write a long text about all bits in „Halo Legends“. But I will only write about the bit done by Toei Animation: „Odd One Out“. I laughed my ass off!!! (read on…)

MODPlug & Play

I just love the new version. You must know I only use MODPlug Tracker to rip my modules from XM to WAV. Ever since I installed the new version 1.19 I just love this program. It does so much great stuff, the old version I had (version 1.17) didn‘t do. For example it now has the function to rip modules not only track by track but also instrument by instrument. Awesome. Now I can produce material for remixes much easier!!!

Something I noticed by accident was, that MPT also puts in markers into the ripped wavefiles at each beginning of a pattern. There surely is a point to that… I guess it is good for live-performances when you want to jump around in your arrangement. Modern audio-programs like Ableton Live or so can do such stuff. There’s no further need for me cause I rip the stuff to WAV and load it up the internet.

I don‘t know how MPT works as a tracker, cause I still use MadTracker 2 for tracking. But some years ago I heard that Linde was using MPT. Maybe he also switched to MilkyTracker, I dunno… Anyways, great program at least to rip stuff from any module-format to WAV!!!!

You can find more information on the OpenMPT website MODPLUGERONI!!!

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New Album – Chasing Girls And Making Friends

I had the two weeks around the Easter holidays off. So I spent my time with some useful things. Tidying up my apartment, cleaning my bathroom (no comment on that) and of course making music. It has been a loooooooooong time, that I didn‘t make any new stuff and I really enjoyed it just to sit in front of MadTracker and put in note after note into my computer. Well, it all started on Easter Sunday and after that I was in a rush. The following days I produced 5 songs. And I didn‘t want to make the same mistake I did with „Tweakological Techniues“ so I released it when I had enough material. And that was on Saturday. Of course I not only took the 5 tracks but also 3 older tracks I made many months ago and that totally fit the sound-concept of the album: 8-bit-percs, chip-melodies and crazy voice samples.

But I also had some problems with some tracks: first of all „We Like To Bounce It“. When I finished my version of the song it was some sort of boring. I sent what I had so far to FoX who also played the guitars on „Alter Ego“. He sent his overworked version back to me in less than 12 hours. You can listen to the result in the lower app in this blogpost.

Well I am very proud of this album. It was great fun producing it. With the album you will get a text file with more information. And again I uploaded it to Bandcamp. I just love this platform. It is perfect for musicians who want to promote themselves. But enough Jibber-Jabba, here’s the album:

I am Korean, but that’s still OK!

After the article about the movie „I‘m a Cyborg, but that’s OK“ I got encouraged by many readers to write more about Asian movies. Well I tried, really. I watched „The Eye“ 1 AND 2. But they were boring. So no article about them. Then I took a fast look into the TV guide. You know, I don‘t watch no TV anymore. But from time to time I take quick looks into the program to check what is running atm. Around Eastern the program on private TV channels is always really bad. And it happend to be that Pro7 did a monster and sci-fi night around Eastern. One of the movies that were running that night was *tadaaaa* THE HOST. And no joke I borrowed that movie like just the day before from the public library. So here is THE HOST!!! (read on…)

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